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BroadWave Pro Streaming Audio Server

Broadcast any streaming audio from your PC with BroadWave by
NCH Software. Broadcast live audio or create a podcast.
Broadcast Pre-recorded audio or stream audio recordings that
are in wav, mp3, wma, aiff and many other formats. Listeners
do not need to install any special software to listen to a
BroadWave webcast. BroadWave handles the complex audio
stream compression, bandwidth adjustments, and serving over
the internet to play from the default web browser on any
modern Windows or Mac computer.

BroadWave Streaming Audio Features:

~ Plays automatically in almost all popular browsers
including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and more.
~ Up to 8 different live audio streams can be served from
the single PC by installing additional sound devices (eg.
USB sound).
~ Unlimited number of ‘static’ recordings can be served.
~ Super efficient and optimized server design means that, if
you have the bandwidth, up to 500 simultaneous connections
can be served on one PC.
~ Automatically downsamples audio for lower bitrate listens
on slow dial-up connections.
~ Static recordings can be loaded in a number of formats
including wav, mp3, aiff, au, wma, aac and over 20 other

Free edition available from NCH Software.

About NCH Software:

NCH Software offers more than 80 easy-to-use audio, video,
business, and telephony/VoIP software solutions that improve
productivity and usability for small businesses and
consumers. Focused on specific needs, they produce software
with all the bells and whistles of typical brands, but
without the complexity. NCH Software provides users with
what they need at a price they can afford. This approach
generates more than four million unique visitors and nearly
three million downloads per month from the company’s website
– NCH Software.

Purchase with other NCH Software for greater savings.


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